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Patient care at North Shore Rehab continues to be on temporary hold as COVID-19 is resolving - hopefully very soon! Good news though! I just published a kindle book titled, Train Like a Champ, Harnessing Peak Performance, by Dr. Cate Coker. Check it out, it's available on amazon! Remember to sanitize, exercise, and realize you are awesome! Stay salty, stay classy!

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Dr. Catherine (Cate) Coker, PT, DPT, CMP

Dr. Catherine (Cate) Coker, PT, DPT, CMP

Dr. Catherine “Cate” Coker, PT, DPT, CMP provides physical therapy services to the North Shore community of Oahu in the general Orthopedic and Sports Rehab settings. In 2005, she graduated from the University of Michigan in Flint with her Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her treatment approach is a one on one treatment philosophy with emphasis on evidence-based practice. She is a Certified Mulligan Practitioner and uses multiple manual therapy techniques combined with therapeutic exercise and patient education that are best suited for each individual case according to the client’s needs and support of current evidence in the field of Physical Therapy.

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Medical costs for fall-related injuries total $34 billion annually in the U.S.
Source: CDC